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Click through the slideshow below to see which couples on "The Biggest Loser" have made it last.

Contestants Antoine Dove and Alexandra White fell for each other during the eighth season of "The Biggest Loser." During the dramatic weigh-in on the finale of the show, the pair got engaged on national television, when Dove dropped to one knee and popped the question to his very shocked girlfriend.

Okay, maybe he’s never really been in the closet (a-la Adam Lambert), its just that the viewing public did not know he is gay until he talked about his sexuality to help a contestant in the latest episode of the The Biggest Loser. ” Well, Kevin, we don’t know if Bob has a partner but there are sites out there who mention that he is in a relationship with a guy named Justin Anderson.

It’s gorgeous hunk Bob Harper, the trainer on the NBC show The Biggest Loser. The first question that our friend Kevin asked upon learning that the fitness trainer is gay went, “Does he have a boyfriend?

The only one to take it is Tracey, who, until this point, has seemed borderline desperate to lose weight.Her partner, Mo, is not happy with the decision, but he’s stuck with it.But it got even crazier when Alison came at the contestants with a temptation, too.After a couple challenges, they were able to knock to goal down to 110 pounds, which some were still skeptical about meeting.After all was said and done, the final 15 ended up losing over 150 pounds, giving everyone another week on the ranch.

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