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These exaggerated aspiration levels are seen as responsible for instituting a high degree of sexual frustration.

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This study of date rapists reveals that these men, as a result of a hypersexual socialization process, are sexually very active, successful, and aspiring.

The amount of blood present does not necessarily indicate the relative seriousness of the underlying problem.

Top In many cases, the appearance of blood in the urine, whether gross or microscopic, may be the patient's only outward symptom. Others may be accompanied by a variety of symptoms ranging from a need to urinate frequently, to a consistent, suddenly occurring sensation of urinary urgency, to pain in the flank or side, or pain during urination (dysuria).

The nectarines were harvested at 8 days intervals on five harvest dates, three of which were before the commercial harvest date, one at commercial harvest and another 1 week after commercial harvest.

On all of the harvest dates the non-acid cultivars always presented a more intensity of red skin colour than the acid cultivars, and they developed red colouration earlier.

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