Dating money talk safety on online dating

When it comes to money and romance, everyone has a different idea about how much they need to know about their partner's finances. Not knowing anything has the potential to sabotage your own finances, but pressing to learn too much too early can be over the top.

It's a delicate balance, but suffice it to say that as your relationship grows, what you will need to know about your partner's finances will also grow.

I don’t remember my earliest conversations with my husband, Ken, about money.

We must have talked about splitting the bill in those early days of dating (just out of college, both totally broke), but I do remember the first time we discussed a big purchase. I was visiting family in Texas, and Ken called to ask if it was okay if he spent 0 on a bass amp.

Another area to pay attention to is future aspirations.

We made the mistake of not talking these issues out and figuring out a way to make things work for us and, as a result, we created our own fallow earth where only seeds of financial disaster could take root. There is no simple rule to determine the exact moment to have that first financial heart to heart.How comfortable do they seem about the cost of their lifestyle?Do they share in mutual expenses, or is there always the expectation that you will pay?For example, if you ask too many money related questions, it may give the impression that you’re anxious to take the relationship to a more serious level than your partner is.Since this is very much a "getting to know you" phase, you should restrict information gathering to casual observation. How well do they live in comparison to their peers?

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