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And I tried to be very careful not to engage with these questions politically, as if to say “I have a certain political point of view,” but on a philosophical level, to talk about what it is to have two different [economic] realities, how damaging that can be to people and the sort of mental violence of realizing the world isn’t what you thought it was. I’ll be interested to see a year from now or a month from now how people look back on the story that we told.So there are a lot of issues I wanted to look at that ended up making the season feel very emotional to me. When Hamish Linklater [IRS agent Larue Dollard] is standing in that room with all of those documents covering the walls, it feels current, and it also feels like the show is going some place that it hasn’t previously gone.

I think there was something to writing these last few hours that felt like a dialogue with our current moment.

Once Varga emerged, it became a much bigger story in scope.

I think you always want to feel that the story is bigger at the end than it was at the beginning.

At the conclusion of the season, Christine also becomes engaged to Max, but she feels intimidated by his very educated friends so she decides to return to college.

This season earned two Emmy Award nominations: one for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Louis-Dreyfus, and one for Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series.

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