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Summer is a small window of opportunity, with camp, EFY, youth conference, vacations, etc.

I have lots of reasons — I’m terrible at anything that requires stead state or rote reminders, I am not motivated by reward systems, I am over Laurels and they are (often) over personal progress, it’s been a lot of work to get class presidencies, BYC, our presidency meetings, camp, lessons, together with all the other stuff I have to do related to just life…. Here are some of the things we’ve learned and done that have helped with personal progress: I have been YW president for an entire school year now, and despite encouraging PP as much as possible, we weren’t seeing much movement … Keep in mind that girls are busy, and you may have to wait until school is on break to see the resutlts of your encouragement.

Scientists have gathered information about Earth's biologic and geologic past by studying information, such as fossils and radioactive materials, within rock strata.

During the first billion years of Earth's geologic history, no life existed on Earth.

Next, students will work with collaborative groups to order events in Earth's geologic history by relative age, then order those same events by absolute age in a scaled model timeline.

Lastly, students will use the time-scale model created with their group members to analyze events in Earth's geologic history.8.

The study of stratigraphy follows the excavation axiom "last in, first out"--meaning that an archaeologist usually removes soil layers in the reverse order in which they were laid down (see Figure 1).

You get to the same file if you click on the blue link that says fossil cards.

This is a two week learning segment on hotspot volcanoes.

One thing I’m particularly proud of is how we work one-on-one with young women to prepare lessons for Sundays.

Instead of saying “call me if you need help”, we have set up our classes to expect that they will work with either a president, counselor, or adviser to prepare their lesson.

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