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If you decide on a policy and the agent agrees to a binder (an agreement to provide coverage before the formal policy is issued), get it in writing.

Thankfully, Metzeler scheduled in a hefty road test followed by an afternoon at the Bosch-owned Boxberg proving ground for a series of diverse assessments.

And nowadays, there are reams of do-it-all tyres that satisfy any rider and ability.

Metzeler’s M7RR was seemingly one of the best-selling tyres in 2015, combining inscrutable performance and decent mileage, even trackday prowess, and has been joined by Bridgestone’s S21 this season as a perfect all-rounder. Literally hours after returning from our Spanish soiree at Parcmotor, I was hotfooting it to Frankfurt for wieners and the world press launch of the Metzeler Roadtec 01: a sports-touring tyre that replaces the über popular Z8.

Zack estava em um evento semanal do Couchsurfing em Barcelona, e tive muita sorte de conhecê-lo!

Adorei nossas conversas sobre a vida, e ele me mostrou a melhor lanchonete para tomarmos um autêntico milkshake.

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