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HK domain shoulders the online reputation of a rising global heavyweight. HK domain names offer a lifeline to non-Chinese entities looking to make a splash overseas. HK domain registration is open to anyone--so all can tap into a fascinating, thriving region bursting with culture and tradition.

With the global economy heaving in transition, the eyes of the world are turning eastward.

There are many reasons FDH are in Hong Kong, not all purely financially driven.

The overall law and order situation in Hong Kong remained stable in 2016 with a decrease of 8.7 per cent in the overall crime rate as compared with that of 2015, Commissioner Lo Wai-chung said at a year-end press conference on January 24.

He said that the overall crime figures dropped to 60 646 cases, a decrease of 5 793 cases or 8.7 per cent over 2015. The crime rate measuring by the number of crimes per 100 000 population stood at 825 cases, also representing a new low in the past 44 years.

With a tremendous service economy and a heavy emphasis on free trade, Hong Kong has risen to become one of the world's leading financial centers.

Due to its storied relationships with Britain and China, Hong Kong also maintains a unique culture, known for balancing east and west, as well as traditional and innovative. HK domain name, businesses can make their mark in the Hong Kong arena and show that they are a commited to staying connected with Hong Kong.

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